Coordinators, INCAS – National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” is a non-profit research establishment, public body, founded in 1949. At national level, INCAS is the policy making body for R&D in aviation research, in charge with the national strategy for R&D in aeronautics and the design authority for all major aeronautical programs developed in Romania. Acting in an integrated environment with industry, INCAS has developed outstanding capabilities for design and analysis of modern aero-structures, integrating  state-of-the-art capabilities for virtual enterprise.

Romaero S.A. is the most representative company in the Romanian Aerospace industry. The state-owned company is internationally recognized as an integrated organization, developing in the same location both aerostructures (detail parts, minor and major assemblies) manufacturing activities and maintenance and repair of civil transport aircraft and military aircraft.

Tekno Compositi is an enterprising composite manufacturing company that strives to deliver industry-leading high standards of quality and support from initial concept to finished product.

Tekno Compositi is specialized in producing molds and designing prototypes and serial production components for the following industries: aerospace (Airbus, Leonardo, Thales), automotive (Lamborghini, Maserati), naval (Leonardo ETN, Ferretti).

Topic Leaders, IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries is Israel’s major aerospace and aviation manufacturer. Their world-renowned excellence center for aerospace engineering and development turns vision into the aircraft of tomorrow. IAI has the full range of capabilities to design, develop and certify new air vehicles and provide engineering, upgrade and conversion service to any aircraft type, be it manned or unmanned, commercial or military.

Part of the FITCoW team and Topic Leaders during the CleanSky 2 CfP-08 kick-off meeting, November 2018
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